Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A nice surprise

Two weeks ago I entered a little giveaway on one of the blogs that I have been following. The blog is Lorelei's Blog called Inside The Studio. She was giving away a Bead Trends magazine that she was published in and also a pair of earrings that she had made. luck would have it.....I was one of the winners! I usually don't win anything in these giveaways, so it was a nice surprise! The earrings that she sent to me are fabulous! The magazine is pretty cool too, but I have to admit that I have only skimmed through it so far. Perhaps I'll have some time in the next couple of days to really sit down and go through it more thoroughly. You should check Lorelei's designs. She makes such awesome stuff! Her designs are always so trendy and chic!

I think winning the giveaway on Lorelei's blog set off a string of good luck or something because not too long after that, I received another piece of good news. I opened my email last week and there was an email in there that said I had won but that the email wasn't spam. Curious I opened the email and turns out I did win! I won the Easter Egg Hunt that was being held over at Artfire. There were three prizes for vouchers to spend at participating vendors. I won first place, which meant I now had a $50.00 voucher to spend on anything I wanted to! The email that I got was from Linda of Moonstone Creations. She's the woman who dedicated a lot of time and effort to put the Easter Egg Hunt together. Kudos to her for a job well done!

In the email she sent to me announcing that I had won was a list of vendors who were participating in the hunt and who I could choose from to spend my money. I tell ya....the list was quite extensive. I spent the better part of two days trying to decide what I would buy. I could spend it on a lot of small items and get lots of presents in the mail or I could spend it all in one shot. I finally decided on a Celtic bracelet made by Amy of The Jewelry Shop. The bracelet went over the amount of the voucher so I just sent the difference to Linda to cover the rest. Now I am anxiously waiting for the arrival of my new bracelet! It looks so beautiful in the picture and I know from experience that pictures never do look as good as the real thing and I know that this bracelet will be totally awesome in real life.

If you get a chance, check out some of the artisans over at Artfire. There is some pretty amazing and unique stuff offered for sale over there. All of it is handmade by artisans around the globe. You might even stubble upon that one piece that you've always been looking for! Happy looking! :)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

First thoughts....

So, I am thinking, why do I need a blog? I don't.....not really. I don't even know if I will keep it up or not. I probably won't. It's kind of like a journal to me....and I've never been able to keep one of those going. I guess I'm just not the "journaling" type. But everywhere I go, people are blogging and asking if I "blog" maybe it's time to start! At least I can give it an honest effort and if I happen to not like it.....I have the freedom to discontinue if I want to. :) So....for now.....I'll blog.

A bit about myself. I am mother of two grown children, a son, my oldest, who still lives at home full time. He'll be attending University in the fall. I also have a grown daughter, my youngest, who lives more at her boyfriend's parent's house than she does mine. She's planning on attending College in the fall. I have a dog....a boxer named Kayla who is a rescue.

I love to make jewelry in my spare time. I have also dabbled in lampworking, but haven't become addicted to it (yet). I love to read, take my dog for walks and I enjoy cooking.....but only when I have to do it because I WANT TO.....not because I HAVE TO. I love learning new things!

I work full time, swing shift. I prefer working the day shift because it allows me time to do stuff after work.....but I hate getting up to the alarm clock. As of two weeks ago, I was officially informed that I would be laid off indefinetly from my job. This won't take affect until late June and there is an ever so slight chance that it won't happen at all. All I know is that I will deal with it when I have to, but for now, I am trying really hard not to let it stress me out.

Right now I am stressed out more about the fact that while cutting my dogs nails....she moved and I cut the quick. She's actually dealing with it better than I am. She's already forgotten it.....but I keep hearing in my head her "yelp" when the clippers caught her. Poor baby... :(

So I guess this wraps up my first "official" post on my new blog. I can't say that I will blog every day, but I will try and get to it as often as I can. Maybe this blogging thing is just what I need. It might not be of much interest to you, but at least it will give me a place to put down some thoughts and get out some emotions.......good and bad. If you've read this far.....thank you for staying with me!

Enjoy your day!