Sunday, April 5, 2009

First thoughts....

So, I am thinking, why do I need a blog? I don't.....not really. I don't even know if I will keep it up or not. I probably won't. It's kind of like a journal to me....and I've never been able to keep one of those going. I guess I'm just not the "journaling" type. But everywhere I go, people are blogging and asking if I "blog" maybe it's time to start! At least I can give it an honest effort and if I happen to not like it.....I have the freedom to discontinue if I want to. :) So....for now.....I'll blog.

A bit about myself. I am mother of two grown children, a son, my oldest, who still lives at home full time. He'll be attending University in the fall. I also have a grown daughter, my youngest, who lives more at her boyfriend's parent's house than she does mine. She's planning on attending College in the fall. I have a dog....a boxer named Kayla who is a rescue.

I love to make jewelry in my spare time. I have also dabbled in lampworking, but haven't become addicted to it (yet). I love to read, take my dog for walks and I enjoy cooking.....but only when I have to do it because I WANT TO.....not because I HAVE TO. I love learning new things!

I work full time, swing shift. I prefer working the day shift because it allows me time to do stuff after work.....but I hate getting up to the alarm clock. As of two weeks ago, I was officially informed that I would be laid off indefinetly from my job. This won't take affect until late June and there is an ever so slight chance that it won't happen at all. All I know is that I will deal with it when I have to, but for now, I am trying really hard not to let it stress me out.

Right now I am stressed out more about the fact that while cutting my dogs nails....she moved and I cut the quick. She's actually dealing with it better than I am. She's already forgotten it.....but I keep hearing in my head her "yelp" when the clippers caught her. Poor baby... :(

So I guess this wraps up my first "official" post on my new blog. I can't say that I will blog every day, but I will try and get to it as often as I can. Maybe this blogging thing is just what I need. It might not be of much interest to you, but at least it will give me a place to put down some thoughts and get out some emotions.......good and bad. If you've read this far.....thank you for staying with me!

Enjoy your day!

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