Sunday, September 6, 2009

It's amazing what I come up with when I play around

(Click image to enlarge)

So I started out my day not really planning on making any jewelry pieces. I usually need a bit of motivation for creating jewelry and I haven't really been that motivated to do so lately. Although, I do confess.....I did make a really pretty pair of earrings for one of the girls I work with last week. Mind you, I had promised them to her over 6 months ago.....sometimes these things take time.....hahaha......a LOT of time. ;-) I wish I would have taken a picture of them.

As I was saying....I hadn't planned out any pieces to make. I actually wasn't even thinking about sitting at my jewelry desk at all yesterday. I don't even know how I got to researching chainmaille, but next thing I knew, I was on this website looking at different tutorials for patterns. I knew I had lots of gold-filled jump rings sitting in my components organizer, so I pulled them out and proceeded to give one of the tutorials a try.

Well, let me just say that working with those little pieces was at first frustrating. I felt like my fingers were too big and I was totally uncoordinated with the tools. Then I realized that I wasn't able to "see" them as well as maybe I should be, so I went and sat at my desk and used the magnifier. Wow!!! What a difference!!! Now I could actually see where the jumprings were going and if I had placed them around the others correctly. Once I could see properly, I found that the process went a whole lot quicker.

Anyways.....long story short.....the image above is the result of my experiment with chainmaille. I made two pieces of chain and decided to turn them into a bracelet. The beads I used are lampwork beads made by Dana Graham. I remember when Dana first started out lampworking and she's grown so much as a lampwork artist. =] I hope that I have done her beads justice in this piece.