Monday, October 19, 2009

My new found fondness for copper

I was never really a big fan of copper. Don't know why, exactly, but it just didn't have much appeal for me. But I used to feel the same way about silver too and I love silver now. I guess tinkering in jewelry making, certain things begin to grow on you. Or, as is the case with my love of silver now, I couldn't afford to work in gold, so I had to substitute for a more affordable working medium. I chose to work in silver. Occassionally I will dabble with some gold-filled components, but for the most part, it has been strictly silver.
That is, up until now. Now I've added a new and fun element to my jewelry making. I've added copper. Copper is wonderful! Copper is versitile! Copper can be a brand new penny or copper can be aged. Or copper can be a whole lot of other finishes in between! Copper goes with lots of things. Copper plays well with others. You can mix it with just about anything.
I'm finding that I am growing (quite quickly, I might add) very fond of copper. I've even taken to ordering a whole bunch of copper findings. I love mixing copper with sterling silver. The look is so cool! Look for more copper and copper/silver pieces coming from me. It's MY latest thing in my designs. =]

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Taking the plunge.....

Well, I finally decided that it was time to start doing something with all of this jewelry that I was making.

I had previously listed things on Ebay, given lots of things to friends and relatives and collected a huge amount of things that I had made. I had good intentions of selling my jewelry online, but all of the picture taking, writing descriptions and selling my product just didn't appeal to me. It was something that I just couldn't "get into".

My collection of pieces started to become quite some size, and I knew that the time had come that I would have to find them new homes. I mean, I don't even wear all that much jewelry! I couldn't possibly promote myself by wearing my own pieces if I don't wear it!

So, to get to the point, I decided to start listing things. I started over at Artfire. I have a "store" there with my items listed. This prompted me to open a store at ShopHandmade. It's been a couple of weeks now since I've opened my stores over there. So far....there are a few lookers, but no buyers. Maybe my prices are too high?

Regardless, my friend opened a store over at Etsy. I was helping her to promote her store when I got the idea that I may as well open a store there myself. So I did! It just opened today! If you care to check it out, you can find it here.

All three stores carry the same inventory. If a piece sells, it will be removed from all three storefronts. Rather than have different items for each store, I just felt that this way would be easier for me to keep track of for now and it would widen the exposure of the pieces for me. Maybe in the future I will stock different items in each individual store, but for now, I will keep it like this. =]

Take a look around. Maybe there's something that will catch your eye!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

For a good cause....

Sometimes life doesn't seem fair. A life taken away at such a very young age, so innocent and so naive. We sometimes ask why, we sometimes get angry. I can't imagine what I would do if I were to lose a child, especially one that is still so new to the world.

A fellow co-worker and his family is going through this unthinkable tragedy as I write this. Their little one will soon leave this world and return to his home. I can't comprehend how it must feel waking up each morning and wondering if today will be the last day that I get to share with my loved one, especially a child so young. It must be torture, to say the least.

My fellow co-workers are holding a benefit dinner to help ease the financial burden that the loss of this beautiful child is placing on this family. Although we wish we could take the pain away, we know it is out of our hands. But what we can do to help, we will do.

I have created and will be donating this bracelet and earrings set to put up for auction at the benefit dinner. It seems like such a small thing to do, but every little bit helps. My wish is for lots of people to bid on the set so this family will benefit from it. The set is made up of Swarovski crystals and sterling silver. I wish I could capture the sparkle of this piece on camera.