Monday, October 19, 2009

My new found fondness for copper

I was never really a big fan of copper. Don't know why, exactly, but it just didn't have much appeal for me. But I used to feel the same way about silver too and I love silver now. I guess tinkering in jewelry making, certain things begin to grow on you. Or, as is the case with my love of silver now, I couldn't afford to work in gold, so I had to substitute for a more affordable working medium. I chose to work in silver. Occassionally I will dabble with some gold-filled components, but for the most part, it has been strictly silver.
That is, up until now. Now I've added a new and fun element to my jewelry making. I've added copper. Copper is wonderful! Copper is versitile! Copper can be a brand new penny or copper can be aged. Or copper can be a whole lot of other finishes in between! Copper goes with lots of things. Copper plays well with others. You can mix it with just about anything.
I'm finding that I am growing (quite quickly, I might add) very fond of copper. I've even taken to ordering a whole bunch of copper findings. I love mixing copper with sterling silver. The look is so cool! Look for more copper and copper/silver pieces coming from me. It's MY latest thing in my designs. =]

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