Friday, January 29, 2010

Paying it Forward ~ In other back

One of my all time favorite movies is Pay It Forward. The whole concept of giving some stranger something with no other expectation than they do the same for somebody else is an idea that is catching on more and more.

I belong to a wonderful group of people on the Lampwork Etc. website. These people are huge in spirit and soul, not to mention talent. The generosity and compassion that these people hold for both human and animal is amazing. They welcome new people into the fold without hesitation and they don't hesitate to rally around each member when another member needs help. They look out for each other, just like a family would. They give things freely to the newcomer who is just beginning to spread their wings in the art of glass and jewelry work. They give freely what they can material-wise and knowledge-wise as well. They are one of the most giving group of people I have had the pleasure of "knowing".

To keep things fun and interesting, they sometimes hold give aways or challenges. Some of these challenges and giveaways take place on the LE website, but more often than not, they hold their giveaways on their websites or blogs. One of our members, Julsbeads is currently having a "Gimme Girl Giveaway"on her blog. Click on her link to see the fabulous items she's giving away in this draw! This is just one example of the generosity of the members of LE, a place I am proud to call "home" on the internet.

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Julianna Cannon said...

Karen, what a wonderful post! I'm so blessed to share web space with people like you~ both for acknowledging LE and for your own generosity. Big love to you, Lady.
And now I am off to purchase hammered copper rings! (Am I the only one who didn't know you had them in Etsy!?)